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Seven Drunken Pirates

The Seven Deadly Sins

15 January 1989
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I was born in the end of the eighties. No one remembers their birth and I doubt many remember their early childhood. But I can safely say I learned to walk and talk and scribble. Well, stuff happened, I went places, met people and made some friends and those scribbles turned into drawing (Just barely, and honestly, they're still just barely scribbles.). Which was neat. Some of it wasn't so neat but no ones life is perfect. That would be dull. I met Internet when I was in my early teens, and it was a match made in heaven, and when she had the op and went broadband, I loved her even more. And I still scribble.

Anyway, early stuff isn't all that important here (and probably, neither is stuff now. But you lucky sod you, you get to hear about it.) One day when the washing machine broke, and I got bored of helping to look for a new one, I went to a pet shop and now I got a job there. Jhonen, my icklebabybunnykins, gets so much toys now. Instead of going back to school after Year 11 (Wacky English system, I know.)I chose to go to college instead. Because I couldn't stand my school (It was time to move on. And they wouldn't allow my obsession with wearing green things, wristbands and getting holes put in my face. bastards.) I don't have enough time to scribble properly anymore.

And considering I plan on making a living out of scribbling on peoples skin with needles and ink that aint good.

God...I'm sorry about that. It was awful. Its hard to make these things interesting. Especially in a state of nearlyasleepedness. Yeah...sorry about that.

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